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    Photographing architecture brings a whole new set of challenges to the camera work. You have aspects such as lighting, reflection, colour, verticals to name a few. Getting images which have a correct perspective ( correct verticals ) can be a little challenging, but technology helps us to correct these to a certain degree. Another great […]

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    Street is a very new aspect I’ve under taken in my camera work. I’ve really had to push myself into this one as I never found it natural to photograph the “jo public” as they pass by. BUT, I have surprised myself with some of the images I have produced and its even made me spend […]

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    When photographing a particular product, you need to think how the customer see’s, which a lot of the time means you really do need to think outside the box, be that little different. You do not always need to concentrate the focus directly on the brand.

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    Still Life

    My camera life isn’t all about the great vista’s of the landscape around me, I enjoy many other aspects of camera work –  still life being one I really enjoy. A lot of people never really appreciate what is involved in getting a still life image that not only shows the details but also being lit well […]

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    Ogwen Valley

    This is one place which never ceases to amaze me, at any time of year. In the summer months you have beautiful blue sky, the winter snow capped mountains. One thing to always keep in mind if you are visiting here in the Winter months, bring waterproof clothes, you’ll need them and be prepared, don’t […]

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    Summers Day in Cumbria

    One of the first shoots I wanted to get when I visited the Lake District was a nice sunrise and reflection on Blea Tarn. It was a morning when near enough everything came together, all that was missing was some colour in the sky to finish it off. But, those landscape photographers amongst us know […]

  • Taken in the Derbyshire Peak District, an icy Mam Tor sunrise
    Winter Mam Tor

    One of the biggest expanses in the Peak District is the Hope Valley and Mam Tor is just one beautiful aspect and when you time it right with the weather its simply stunning. Another winter shoot here and, as you can see, there is a big storm heading in my direction. Its just my luck […]

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    Winter Roaches

    The Roaches in the Staffordshire Moorlands is one of the best place to be with the camera, no matter what the season. I do especially love this in winter with some nice crisp snow on the ground as this really radiates the colour of the rising sun.