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Street Photography

I've always enjoyed street photography, along with long exposures in the late evening. Through this portfolio section you will find examples of people I've come across going about their daily lives and some long exposures on the streets of London

Landscape Photography

My main passion and love in photography is my landscape work. Whilst I always enjoy photographing any subject, I always fall back to my landscape work. Its where my passion lies and where I'm most comfortable.

Products and Still life

Products and still life photography produce their own set of challenges to get the object shown in its best light. Some images are very simple and use a single flash / strobe, where as other have several flashes / strobes lighting different area's


Building design and architecture have always fascinated me as their outward appearance is a persons interpretation - from their mind to the physical structure. I'm always on the look out for fascinating design and sometimes enjoy combining it with long exposure.


If you would like to view all my separate portfolio albums, have a look here. I do not tend to offer images for sale, but if something catches your eye then drop me a message.

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