Landscape photography is, and always will be, my main focus in all things photography. I firmly believe its good to diversify and go down different tracks, but, nothing beats that big vista at sunrise.

My love of landscapes has been there since day one; having that ability to be able to record that immense view or vantage point, and take it home and share the image with friends and family.

Street Photography

Street photography will always be a nervy affair for those who are just starting out. It can be quite daunting, photographing complete strangers, as they walk on by you. But, once your nerves have all settled and you start taking images, you’ll soon be on a roll.

It really is a fine art, capturing the mood of the people as they walk on by, whilst trying to be unobtrusive or not be noticed.

Its an aspect of photography i really enjoy and was soon in my element once i started. A lot of my street work is based in London where the diversity of life is amazing.

Get out there – get some images.

Products / Still LIfe

Products or still life photography is a completely different set of rules, when compared to street or Landscapes. The vast majority is all studio based where you are relying upon various strobes, flags and scrims to control the light on the subject.

Product really helps you to learn all about light and how you can bend light to suit the object in  front of you.

Every object or still life is different as different surfaces react in different ways, depending on how strong / soft the light is.

If you get the opportunity to have a go – go do it. Its a great experience


Architecture from a by-gone era is simply stunning and doesn’t really compare to today’s work. Area’s such as the historic London with its Westminster area etc are a real treat to a photographer.

One of the great things i like about West Minster Bridge is being able to photograph the Elizabeth Tower and Houses of Parliament with the buses passing by as a long exposure. Simply great for me.

Also, if you enjoy the more modern architecture, pop and see the shard or Lloyds building.

Landscape Commissions

Landscape commissions are always welcome and Andrew will work with you through each step to ensure that your brief is maintained and achieved. Its the end product that sells, so he will be sure you’ll love it.


Bespoke Workshops

We are more than happy to provide bespoke workshops to match your skill level and requirements. Get in contact with us to discuss this in more detail. Our Ogwen Valley workshop is always a popular one.

High quality prints and canvasses

We have various options of frame styles, sizes, colours and mounts available for all our ready to hang prints. Likewise, we can supply canvasses in all manner of sizes, frame depth and finishes. Please get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

Some of Andrew's favourite galleries

Check out some of the galleries below which are some of Andrew’s favourite images from the last few years. All images should be available in the shop to buy, but if it’s not, let us know and we’ll get it added for you.

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